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Viper Wrestling
January 28, 2023, 04:58:15 am
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Sunday Night Rampage - February 13th, 2011

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Author Topic: Sunday Night Rampage - February 13th, 2011  (Read 177 times)
Lee Longpre
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« on: May 11, 2011, 12:45:06 pm »

Event Date: Sunday February 13th, 2011

Event Value: $0.00

Viper Wrestling Recap show, with special bonus matches. Live on The Score.

    * Brandy/Vanity recap
    * Vanity/Veronica promo
    * Brandy promo
    * Brandy/Butler versus Vanity/Veronica
    * Snake Eyes/The Crow recap

[The show opens with the Viper Wrestling logo flashing on the screen. Lee Longpre and Mike Rotch are sitting at the commentary booth. Lee Longpre is wearing a Tupac Shakur shirt. We can't see what he's wearing as pants. Mike Rotch is wearing a black ISW hoodie. The camera stays on them as Lee Longpre begins to speak.]

Lee Longpre: Welcome everyone to Sunday Night Rampage, I am your co host Lee Longpre here with Mike Rotch. Last night was a great show! Let's take a look at the opening contest from last night between Vanity and Brandy Danielle!
Brandy/Vanity recap

[Joined in progress we see the match from last night. Vanity grabs her, pulls her in and spanks her on the butt. Vanity poses with Brandy Danielle between his legs.

Brandy escapes and gives him a low blow. Vanity falls to his knees. Brandy Danielle bounces off the ropes and gives him a double kick to the face! BAM! She goes for the cover.

1....2.....3! DING DING DING!]

The Voice: Here is your winner of the match... Brandy Danielle!

[Rock 'n' Roll Part 2 hits the loud speakers. Brandy Danielle celebrates.]
Vanity/Veronica promo

[The show cuts back to the commentary booth. Lee Longpre and Mike Rotch are sitting there.]

Mike Rotch: We are about to go to a promo taped last night after the show. It's Vanity and he's got something to say.

[Vanity is staying there with his valet. They are wearing matching pink tights. Vanity looks at the camera and speaks.]

Vanity: Tonight, tonight we got screwed over. Brandy Danielle cheated. She gave me a low blow! The referee saw it. Everyone saw it. So on Sunday Night Rampage, I want you and a partner of your choosing! Bring it Brandy Danielle Veronica and Vanity are going to kick your ass.
Brandy promo

[With that the scene cuts to a quick promo by Brandy Danielle.]

Brandy Danielle: Vanity, you want a tag match, you got it!
Brandy/Butler versus Vanity/Veronica

[The scene cuts to the ring. "Vanity" by Lady Gaga hits and out comes Vanity and Veronica. They walk slowly to the ring. Vanity gets in the ring as Veronica holds the ropes open for him. They are wearing matching pink outfits.]

The Voice: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring rigjht now, from Hollywood, California.... Vanity and Veroniica. AND their opponents first from Brownwood Texas, weighing in at One hundred and ten pounds.. here is Brandy Danielle!

[Rock 'n' Roll part two hits the loud speakers and out comes Brandy Danielle. She stops at the end of the aisle. Her music cuts out.]

The Voice: And her tag team partner, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds, from Fort Wayne, Indiana.... here is Tap or Snap: Mike Butler!

["Step up by Drowning Pool hits the loud speakers and out comes Mike Butler to the ring. The two get in the ring and stand in their corner. The referee, Alex Hetfield gets one and one out, with Veronica and Brandy Danielle starting off the match. Brandy charges her with some punches to the face. Wham! Wham! Veronica falls into the ropes. Brandy grabs her and pulls her in. She spanks her on the butt and then gives her a piledriver! She goes for the cover. 1....2....no! Vanity comes in and breaks up the pin. This causes Mike Butler come in and nail him in the face with a front kick. Vanity falls out of the ring to the outside. Mike Butler then goes to stand on the apron as Brandy grabs Veronica and gives her the Spirit Check! She covers her! 1...2.....3! DING DING DING!"]

[Rock and Roll part 2 hits the loud speakers!]

The Voice: Here are your winners... Brandy Danielle and Tap or Snap: Mike Butler!

[The two celebrate as Vanity and Veronica are downed.]
Snake Eyes/The Crow recap

The scene cuts to the commentary booth. Lee Longpre and Mike Rotch are sitting there.]

Lee Longpre: Let's look back at the Snake Eyes versus The Crow match!

Mike Rotch: Why the **** not?!

[The scene cuts to a match joined in progress. It's Snake Eyes versus The Crow. Snake Eyes lifts up The Crow and slams him to the mat. Snake Eyes locks in the the Cobra lock. The Crow submits! DING DING DING!] The Voice: Here is your winner... SNAKE EYES! ["Super Beast" by Rob Zombie hits the loud speakers. Snake Eyes poses to the crowd.]

[The camera goes back to the commentary booth. Still there, Rotch and Lee Longpre.]

Lee Longpre: That match was a barn burner!

Mike Rotch: No doubt.

Lee Longpre: We also had the main event where Reyna Silva beat Matt Silva!

Mike Rotch: Yeah, we'd show you what happened, but we want you to buy the DVD when it comes out!

Lee Longpre: No doubt. That's all we got folks! Good night!

[The Viper Wrestling logo appears and then fades to black.]
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